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“To you poetry is a vehicle of the truth and that is something I value greatly.”
—William Anderson, Author (The Face of Glory, Dante the Maker, Green Man), poet, broadcaster

“Irina is absolutely a voice for our time, a voice in which thefeminine is exquisitely and burningly present in rage, depth, eroticism and tenderness.”
—Jay Ramsay, Poet, Author

“A unique voice to truth, spirituality and beauty.”
—Kevin George Brown, Composer



From Turner, Picasso and Keats to the anonymous and little known, from poets to dancers to painters, these poems sweep through mythology and art, gathering inspiration from tiny Sumerian seals of antiquity through to Brancusi's birds and Michelangelo's Pieta. Irreverent and intense, both challenging and challenged, this is one woman's take on the twin passions of her life - love and art. Both are engaged with as she quests for a woman's language of a lived poetry of both mind and heart.



Irina Kuzminsky has spent her life on a quest for the feminine face of God. Living the quest through poetry, dance and music has been her life's work. Her academic background includes a scholarship to Oxford where she wrote her doctorate on the 'Language of Women' and was elected Junior Research Fellow in Humanities. Her poetry publications includeDancing with Dark Goddesses, light muses (with artist Jan Delaney), Contemplations, Into the Silence, and poems in Diamond Cutters and Soul of the Earth. As Irinushka she has released three CDs of her poems set to music,Would That I Could, Roads Travelled and Orpheus Sings. Irina has performed her one woman dance, poetry and music show Dancing with Dark Goddesses  in the UK, Germany, US and Australia.


Edition: 1st Edition -  (JUNE 2017)
Format: 6” x 9”
Pages: 88 pages
ISBN (Hardcover):  978-1-944505-74-5
Pricing: $24.99


Edition: 1st Edition (JUNE 2017)
Format: 6” x 9”
Pages: 88 pages
ISBN (Softcover): 978-1-944505-75-2
Pricing: $19.99


Edition: 1st Edition (JUNE 2017)
Format: Kindle/ iBooks/ Nook/ PDF/ ePUB
Pages: 88 pages
Pricing: $9.99