stations of the cosmic christ - meditation cards

The cards in this deck represent the Stations of the Cosmic Christ, a series of images that enable us to journey spiritually into the Divine within us and through the energies of the Divine that are woven into the very fabric of the universe. These cards can assist us in meditating on the Christ within us and discovering that presence within our own lives.

It is our hope that these practices will nurture your spiritual growth by connecting you in ever deeper ways to the Cosmic Christ, Buddha Nature, Image of God, that is inherent in all individual beings and in the universe itself.  Such an approach to the world grounds us in a genuine eco-practice, one that awakens our sense of the Sacred in all of creation and prepares us to love Mother Earth more deeply and defend her more courageously.

Bishop Marc Andrus and Matthew Fox

STAIRWAYS TO HEAVEN - coffee table book

Beauty can be found, easily, all around us and in so many different forms—natural or human made. If we stop but for a second, pull our mind from the past and what we should have done or the future to what we plan to do, the beauty, even in simple things, will be so evident around us. In being present, in the moment, one becomes an observer of the world and the many ways it is beautiful. 

We’ve curated, in this book, human-made beauty, real-world vignettes of spiral staircases, Stairways to Heaven, from around the world. Of course, these staircases are first functional, then beautiful, and also reflective of changes in epochs, styles, cultures, and aesthetics. 

We bring you then, Stairways to Heaven featuring staircases from San Diego, California to Riga, Latvia to the Vatican City to Phnom Penh, Vietnam. Our daughters—Amelie (7), Juliet (11), and Genevieve (13)— believe that you will love this book. We, of course, hope that you will!

All Our Best,

Francois Picard & Geneva Bacot

Each card within this set is encoded with a name of Love, an expression of Love's presence. The Fractal Holograms that grace the face are original artwork by international visual artist, Keith Allen Kay. The intention of this deck is to open to new experience in Love's wonder, to see the world through Love's eyes, to hold sacred the gift of Life. The Fractal Mandalas act as portals into Love's Kingdom expanding the soul, awakening passion, and opening the heart to give and receive Love. This deck of cards will serve as an invitation to a grand adventure for many years. Designed for self exploration or to be shared with other lovers of Love.

The accompanying guidebook will unlock wisdom and beauty for each of the 44 Faces of Love with poetry, practice and play. Use these cards as a catalyst for intuitive readings or simply as an encouragement to see Love everywhere. Whether you’re seeking answers for yourself or your loved ones and clients, these cards can yield valuable insights. Let Love's adventure begin!

Awakened Soul Prayer Cards

Awakened Soul Prayer Cards is a collection of 33 Prayer Cards that hold inspired prayers of abundance, love, happiness, the overcoming of grief, world peace, as well as prayers for the day to day concerns of our human family. 

One can read a selected Prayer Card alone, find the connected passage in the Awakened Souls companion book (included), and pray aloud or quietly in order to empower that outcome for oneself or for another. Awakened Soul may also be engaged with family, friends, or loved ones, with the prayers being read aloud singly or in concert with those engaged to multiply the outcome. 

Prayer, as documented, has cured the sick, provided peace of mind and well-being, lowered stress, and when used collectively, prayer has measurably reduced violence in a given area (their are numerous police chiefs that can attest to this fact). Awakened Soul Prayer Cards was created in order to place the power to change the world in your very hands.