In Essence Wisdom Cards a Guidebook of 44 Cards

Each card within this set is encoded with a name of Love, an expression of Love's presence. The Fractal Holograms that grace the face are original artwork by international visual artist, Keith Allen Kay. The intention of this deck is to open to new experience in Love's wonder, to see the world through Love's eyes, to hold sacred the gift of Life. The Fractal Mandalas act as portals into Love's Kingdom expanding the soul, awakening passion, and opening the heart to give and receive Love. This deck of cards will serve as an invitation to a grand adventure for many years. Designed for self exploration or to be shared with other lovers of Love.

The accompanying guidebook will unlock wisdom and beauty for each of the 44 Faces of Love with poetry, practice and play. Use these cards as a catalyst for intuitive readings or simply as an encouragement to see Love everywhere. Whether you’re seeking answers for yourself or your loved ones and clients, these cards can yield valuable insights. Let Love's adventure begin!


Keith Allen Kay is an artist/writer and lover of life. Raised in Christianity, he had numerous mystical experiences at an early age, though these were not understood by the church. He entered the ministry and in 1990, was serving a church in Hawaii. While overlooking Kaneohe Bay, he was completely transformed by the Spirit of Love. Physically and emotionally, he became a different person. There was an abiding Presence that went wherever he went, a tangible power that flowed through his hands and eyes. He realized that if God was All and in all, then Love was All and in all. The Song of Solomon became alive in him as he experienced the Sacred Dance of the Lover and the Beloved. 

in essence Wisdom Cards - A sampling


wisdom CARD DECK

Edition: 1st Edition (Available March 15, 2016)
Box Format: 7.5in (19.05cm)" x 7.5in (19.05cm)"
Cards No.: 44
Pricing: $24.99