Who left the door open? How did that broccoli end up on the floor? Where’s your hat? Moms everywhere ask these questions and more every day. And what answer do they get? “It wasn’t me! It was my kitty cats; they’re big fat brats!” One smart mom has figured out how to fix this!

Shawn Rohrbach earned his MFA in writing at Naropa University, completing his thesis on the writing style of Jay Ward, the creator of Rocky and Bullwinkle. He has had six books published and contributes frequently to literary magazines and blogs, his most recent contributions are bicycling routes in San Diego County. He lives and writes with his cats Gertrude and Scout in sunny San Diego.

Christine Karron was born and raised in Estonia, has lived in Germany for 20 years and now works and lives with her husband, three kids and a dog in central Alberta, Canada. Her exceptional drawing skills were discovered and supported by her parents from a  very early age. As a child she visited the Art School for Gifted Children in Tallinn, Estonia and later she attended and graduated from Willy-Brand-School in Art and Design in Giessen, Germany. Specializing in illustration she has worked as a freelance artist since 1998.  Christine’s artwork has been published in books, magazines and on postcards. Her paintings are exhibited in galleries in Canada and sold to customers worldwide.



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