Observant Observings is Marie Hanna Curran’s first poetry collection. It’s a book of noticing, observing behavior, questioning routine and redefining the banal. Each poem encourages the reader to pause, listen, inspect. Traits so often overlooked in life. Observant Observings is comprised of five sections, which speak to aspects of nature, everyday objects, the four seasons, time past and present and people in social situations.

Marie Hanna Curran holds a degree in Equine Science from the University of Limerick, Ireland and lives in rural Galway with her husband and many wild birds. Due to illness she is currently housebound, however, ME/CFS doesn’t stop her writing. She believes writing is soul food and such food must be shared. Two of her poems appeared in The Galway Review and seven pieces of work weaved their way between the pages of the published anthology: Poems from Conflicted Hearts (Tayen Lane Publishing 2014). 

What is it to be Normal?
What is it to be normal?
Is it caring what they think?
Doing what they expect?
Is normal filling houses with things
So magpies can inspect?
Is normal playing make believe,
Being someone you pretend?
Is normal watching what you say
For fear of being rejected?
Is normal wanting to conform
Just to be accepted?
Well, listen now, I take this oath
And to Abnormal Valley go!

author video & CURRENT PRESS

MARIE HANNA CURRAN talks about writing her first published book of poetry Observant Observings, which debuted September 2014.

Keith Finnegan Show - Galway Bay FM - Sept. 2014, Featuring Marie Hanna Curran speaking about her illness ME and her poetry book, Observant Observings.



Edition: 1st Edition -  (Available Now)
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Edition: 1st Edition (Available Now)
Format: 6” x 9”
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Edition: 1st Edition (Available Now)
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