Kermit E. Heartsong

Kermit Heartsong author, entrepreneur, award-winning game designer, has written three non-fiction books (The United States of Mammon, Illusions, Dystopia & Monsters, Ukraine: ZBIG's Grand Chessboard and How the West Was Checkmated) and has published 75 fiction, nonfiction, and poetry books. He has also co-developed and patented a neurally-networked software engine for DNA mapping and agricultural, biomedical and astronomical data management. His love, however, has always happily danced on the creative side of the fence. This led to the founding of Tayen Lane Publishing in 2014, which represents a return to a creative avocation—the written word and design. Kermit brings a lifetime of writing experience, a quarter century of entrepreneurial and executive management experience, and years of publishing experience to Tayen Lane Publishing. He lives in San Francisco and, at times, in Montreal. Kermit is a music and art lover, a prolific reader, and an arm-chair philosopher. He considers himself a 'QuantumSpiritualist'aware that God and spirituality and science have all meet to inform us that "there is no Other, only the One." Kermit's upcoming book, The God in Us Knows will debut Spring 2017.

DR. irina kuzminsky

Irina Kuzminsky has spent her life in a quest for the feminine dimension of God, and poetry, dance and music are an intrinsic part of that journey. Born in Australia of White Russian descent, she combines classical music and dance training with an academic background, including a scholarship to Oxford where she wrote her doctorate on the ‘Language of Women’ and was elected Junior Research Fellow in Humanities at Wolfson College. Poetry publications include Dancing with Dark Goddesses, Light Muses (with artist Jan Delaney), Into the Silence, Poems and Articles in Soul of the Earth, Esoteric Quarterly, Acumen, Caduceus, Poetrix, and others. As Irinushka she has released three CDs of her poetry set to music, Would That I Could, Roads Travelled which featured on the ZoneMusicReporter top 100 chart for New Age music, and Orpheus Sings. Her one woman dance, poetry and music fusion show Dancing with Dark Goddesses has been seen in New York, Melbourne, Germany and the UK.


JEANNE THORNTON is the author of The Dream of Doctor Bantam and The Black Emerald, as well as creator of the comics Bad Mother and The Man Who Hates Fun. She has worked in publishing since 2008. More information about her is available at



Emma is not Desperately Seeking Susan (a film she watched with rapt fascination from her cradle), she’s desperately seeking talented writers and provocative manuscripts across the various genres supported by Tayen Lane Publishing. A graduate of the University of Cambridge, Emma joined Tayen Lane in 2014, after a stint with Shepheard-Walwyn, an independent publisher based in London. Emma is a voracious reader, a dabbler in martial arts (she holds black belts in judo and aikido), a failed fashion designer and a superhero when it comes to whipping up culinary delights.