“Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.” 
Franz Kafka

Picard & Bacot Emotive Sketch/Notebook series is only for "very talented artists, writers, and sketchers" or so says Amelie Picard (7yrs), the daughter of Francois Picard and Geneva Bacot.



The various Picard & Bacot series of sketch books share common themes. Please find them bullet pointed below:

  • sturdy, flip-over hardcover case
  • medium textured paper
  • perfect for any dry media (and some wet media)
  • 124 blank pages
  • paper thickness 95lb (140 gsm)
  • measurements: 8” x 8”in (203 x 203”mm)
  • white paper stock
  • micro-thin perforations
  • matte cover

It was our intention to bring a general purpose, high quality, textured sketch book, that was well mated to a wide variety of dry media, including:

  • graphite
  • chalk
  • colored pencils
  • charcoal
  • pastels
  • soft pastel
  • oil pastel

Further, the paper used within our sketchbooks is acid free and 100% recycled. Our daughter Amelie saw to that!

We do hope that you enjoy the Picard & Bacot series of sketchbooks and that they inspire you to find or express your soul creatively, throughout it pages.Thank you, Merci

Retail: $14.00



Francois Rene Picard & Geneva Bacot have been designing and printing notebooks for (please chose one):

A.  One hundred and twelve years (it's a family business)
B.  Fifty-seven years (if you combine the length of their careers in the design business)
C.  Three years, five months and seven days (and .2 hours--approximately)
D.  All of the above
E.  None of the above

The first 10 art lovers to answer correctly will win each of the above sketch/notebooks for free.