Love poems and the anthologies that contain them are plentiful. But is it true of their counterpart, poems that speak to loneliness, heartbreak, unrequited love and the tragedy of abuse masquerading as love? A brief review of the literary genre would say that there is no such balance. Anthologies of heartbreak, it appears, do not exist in abundance.

Poems from Conflicted Hearts is an anthology of poems, about love’s heartache. The poems comes from twelve poets, both established and aspiring. The criteria for inclusion of their poems was that the poems must move us, they must touch heart and soul, they must come to life visually, becoming a part of us through their language, their rhythm, their pain.

Wehope that you enjoy this anthology, the various voices that comprise it, their experiences with regard to conflicted love, their unique styles and the enlightenment and or catharsis that this collection of poems may provide.


The River Ganges

Magenta designs upon my hands
swirl and weave up my wrists
the gold glitters heavy on my ears my neck
the bindi is properly placed
and I am ready to be dressed

I could not brace it
could not greet the heave upon me
of this fate-fulfilling ritual
without a piece of him with me
to shield me from the celebrating eyes

I wrap his scarf around my heart
around my ribs
against my belly
to help me face
this ceremonial union

43 years forward
and I cannot endure it
cannot bear to move through the doorway
for this final ritual without a piece of him with me
to fortify me, shield me
from the hands and the tears
of this fateful union come apart

His wedding scarf is wrapped around my heart
my ribs and belly
this is the only way I can brave
this disembarkment
this departure of moving on without him

They gently wrap my body in the purest white
I am shrouded in marigolds
and I am gently given
to the Ganges River

Maurine Killough


Old friend, we’ve led each other
Down this sheep’s track, into the mist
Where our whispers are sucked from our mouths
Before they can sound.
Your warmth beckoned me in
But your eyes are now flints,
Your heart a slippery thing
I cannot touch.
Silently, our hands rummage
At each other’s pockets
For the stubs of what we
Thought we wanted.
Our heavy love is lifting now
Like a wall of black balloons.
Raindrops return to the source
Silently slipping through fingers,
Towards a new gravity
And peering for the last time
Into the trove of your heart
I find an empty cage,
A quenched candle, still smoking.

Annie Anglim

Scarred Ego

Mocking walls revel in my torment
No escape from their sneering gazes
They say my tears are wasted
The other knows only purest delight
Freed from my cage of promises
Comfort is denied
My home sickened by my presence
Pitiful child wailing for wounded pride
While the wind sighs in disgust
My face presses into a pillow
Damp with sorrow
As I retreat into dreams
Where she still cares

Brendan Cole


Bri Bruce

Brendan Cole

Romi Jain

Regina Francisco 

Kendra Waters 

Annie Anglim

Marie Hanna Curran

Andrea Alberto Rivas

Maurine Killough

Alice Shapiro

Jordan Kelloway

Naomi J. Johnson



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