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Kermit Heartsong’s Illusions, Dystopia & Monsters touches upon three seemingly unrelated topics, weaving the three together as a means to tell an alarming true tale that hints at the future of our planet.

Heartsong compares the fictitious dystopian films and novels of our century to the realities of today. The truth is sobering. We are actually living in an age that has matched, if not surpassed, our imaginative dystopian creations. Those worlds we have read about or seen in 1984, The Matrix, Mad Max, and Brazil, and their evil characters, are not dissimilar to those of our world today. Heartsong brings the resemblances to our attention and constructs a discourse that breaks down the walls between reality and fiction.

At times, the author makes it clear that the monsters of our civilization—big wig corporate executives, so-called political leaders, etc.—are actually worse than the monsters of our imaginations. Heartsong makes the point that those monstrous characters of our literature and films, such as Frankenstein, Godzilla, and the Blob, have never caused as much death and destruction as many of the government officials or like individuals in today’s world.

Through myriad examples and evidence to support his argument, from current events to the melting of our polar ice caps, Heartsong presents the reader with fact after fact. He uses humor to entertain the reader, but not as a mechanism to mock. Rather, humor is a catalyst to get the facts straight into our minds and hearts in a way that is easy to digest. The absurdities of today’s government, economy, and the fate of our environment are brought to light in such a way that effectively stirs change.

At the book’s close, the author presents a number of solutions for resolving the conflicts around the illusory, censored nature of our news sources, the acknowledgement and recognition of our human footprint on the planet, and the nature of our government administration. Heartsong calls the readers to action, telling them to unplug from the matrix that is our civilization’s systematic web of illusions, to admonish the monsters that wreak havoc (not as an act of rebellion, but one of awareness), and to aim for establishing a better world for future generations.

Readers can be prepared to be shocked at the truths and how they are, indeed, stranger than fiction. I highly recommend Illusions, Dystopia & Monsters to those interested in politics, current events, and the destiny of humankind on our planet.

—Bri Bruce, Editor - Heart of Steel, Family Portrait, Adventure Inward