Prayers for Life, Love...

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Prayers for Life, Love...



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"Prayers for Life, Love, Happiness is like comfort food for the heart and soul. And like any good comfort food it's not just the food itself but all of the pieces and parts, that combine to evoke subtle responses from deep within. Lisa’s prayers and images and her loving mind, heart, and hands have created a simple, delicious, comforting feast for the senses."
—Rev. Jeffrey Anderson, author The Nature of Things: Navigating Everyday Life with Grace

"When I open this book, I am invited to breathe, to relax and to know that all is well. Through stunning photographs and words infused with heart, each page is a call to remember the inward Truth, that right where we are and everywhere around us, God is. I highly recommend this book to people seeking more peace in their hearts and wisdom for their souls."
Joselito Laudencia, MDiv, Centers for Spiritual Living Practitioner

"Prayers for  Life, Love, Happiness and the Times In-Between is a lovely, simple yet elegant book. The powerful prayers Lisa M. Colarusso has written, accompanied by her exquisite photographs, speak to, comfort, stir and sooth the heart, soul and spirit of the reader. Regardless of ones religious or spiritual background or belief, there is something profoundly perfect and purposeful in this beautiful book for everyone."
Rev. Willa Barber Johnson, Staff Minister

In “Prayers for Life,  Love, ...,” Lisa Colarusso offers her readers a chance to get the support they need through her empowering words. Her years of wisdom and care for supporting others is evident throughout and readers will come away from this book feeling lighter and supported. 
Joseph C. Walloch, Clinical Psychologist, Assistant Director University of Nevada


“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”
—Matthew 18:20

Prayers for  Life, Love, Happiness, and the Times In-Between is a collection of inspired prayers of abundance, love, happiness, peace, the overcoming of grief, as well as prayers for day to day concerns.

Prayer, as documented, has cured the sick, provided peace of mind and well-being, lowered stress, and when used collectively, prayer has measurably reduced violence in a given area (their are numerous police chiefs that can attest to this fact). Prayers for Life, Love, Happiness, and the Times In-Between was written to place the power to change your life and the world in your very hands.


Lisa Colarusso says that she’s spent the better part of her life searching for a religious or spiritual “connection.” In 2001, she discovered a connection to God  through Religious Science and soon thereafter, became a licensed practitioner. Lisa has led numerous prayer sessions across the country, written hundreds of personal prayers of guidance and uplift, worked with children and children at risk, and volunteered in men’s and women’s maximum security prisons, giving support, care, and love to those, who have often received none of the prior.