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These astonishing poems in Dorothy Walters’ "Some Kiss We Want" are at once a revelation and an incantation, humble and illumined, ecstatic and naked in the raw wounds of awakening. They are imbued with the firery taste of the constantly disappearing sacred on the tongue. Mainly they are a call, as Walters says, to “ forget everything you know and open.”
—Eve Ensler, playwright, performer, feminist, activist, The Vagina Monologues; In the Body of the World;  The Good Body

Of all modern visionary poets, Dorothy Walters is, to my mind, by far the wisest and most radiant.  I was going to write “by far the best” and then checked myself: such triumphalism would betray the deepest of all Dorothy’s qualities, both as a person and as a poet, her gently relentless humility forged from profound experience. . .Read these poems carefully, and tears of awe and gratitude will come to your eyes, and you will be forever subtly changed. 
—Andrew Harvey, from the Introduction

In “Some Kiss We Want,” Dorothy Walters effortlessly weaves mystical jewels from all the living traditions—Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and the Abrahamic lineages—with succulent poetic language.  The tapestry that emerges from the warp of wisdom with the weft of beauty is a magical carpet.  Fly this book straight into the arms of the Beloved.
—Mirabai Starr, spiritual teacher, writer, mystic—The Interior Castle: St. Teresa of Avila; The Showings of Julian of Norwich; God of Love

I think your poetry is beautiful and profound.  The poems I have read are exquisite and to be treasured and they remind me strangely of Rumi.
—Anne Baring, The Dream of the Cosmos; The Mystic Vision; The Divine Feminine (with Andrew Harvey)

The poetry of Dorothy Walters is rich with wisdom and heart and the wordsmith’s skill, but most importantly it has presence. Each poem rings in the mind and works a strange alchemy in the soul, leaving us giddy and hungry for the secret contact of spirit and body.  Some kiss indeed!
—Ivan Granger, editor, Poetry Chaikhana, Real Thirst, Poetry of the Spiritual Journey; The Longing In Between, Sacred Poetry from Around the World

DorothyWalters has the heart and vision of a mystic and is rooted firmly in the ecstatic tradition, where the divine overflows into daily life.  Her poems invite us into this holy mystery, kindling deep joy and love in her readers.  Reading her poems becomes an act of prayer itself, inviting us to slow down and savor what is already within.
—Christine Valters Paintner, PHD, online Abbess of www.Abbeyof and author of 7 books on spirituality and the arts.


Here within the pages of Some Kiss We Want are spiritual, mystical, and prophetic poems. Dorothy Walters’ poetic pilgrimage has taken her into the realms of the Christian Mystics, Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism, and the Abrahamic traditions. Drawing from all of these, she has created a realm of her own that is at once sacred, sensual, and meditative. These are poems that reviewers have hailed as “beautiful and profound; rich with wisdom and insight, impassioned and powerfully engaging.”   

Rumi, Krishnamurti, and Hildegard of Bingen would have all been welcomed at Dorothy Walters' table.Some Kiss We Want is sure to please not only lovers of poetry, but mystics, pilgrims, seekers, and anyone wedded to beauty of the ecstatic tradition.

The poems in Some Kiss We Want distill a lifetime of allegiance to the Beloved Within in an alchemy of words reminiscent of Rumi, Hafiz, Kabir and others of that enduring tribe devoted to sacred poetry. These poems are transparent in construction, guiding the reader through the many stages of the mystic journey via the compelling voice of a contemporary poet.


Dorothy Walters, PHD, taught college level English and American literature in various Midwestern universities for most of her professional life. In 1981, at age 53, she experienced spontaneous Kundalini awakening, with little or no prior knowledge or experience in such things as yoga or meditation. This event was the beginning of a long process, which led her through many subsequent episodes of ecstasy and pain as the energies sought to balance and integrate within. This ongoing process has in fact continued in one form or another up to the present, and thus it has been the focus of her attention, in terms of both her own continuing experience and personal research on the Kundalini phenomenon. She had no external guru or teacher to guide her on this most intimate journey, but rather relied on her own inner guru plus a few printed texts.

In 1988, she took an early retirement from teaching and moved to San Francisco, where she lived for the next twenty-one years. While there, she met Andrew Harvey, the renowned spiritual teacher, who encouraged her to write spiritual poetry. She has now published five volumes of mystical verse, plus a spiritual autobiography.

She recently celebrated her 87th birthday and looks forward to many more. She continues to write mystical poetry and to help those who are experiencing Kundalini awakening. Andrew Harvey recently did a video interview of her and this, along with an audio DVD of both reading the poems from Marrow of Flame, is available on his website as well as her blog. 

She is firmly convinced that Kundalini is the engine that will take us to the next stage of human evolution, and knows from her own experience that anything can happen to anyone anywhere at any time.