The Last Exotic Petting Zoo is Jessica Tyner’s debut poetry anthology comprised of twelve years of writing. A series of epochs, the reader is led down a spectrum of fragments in time saturated with loss, love and hope. Spanning several countries and facets of relationships, Jessica delves into the underbelly of familial strife and awakenings from a childhood with bi-racial parents to the loss of her father. Featuring glimpses into the reality of the relationship with the self, from infatuation to despite, key pieces dig in deep to the most incestuous relationship everyone has. Each piece segues seamlessly to the next, a love story told piece by piece until they become one unstoppable force—just as such stories are meant to be and always have been.


Jessica Tyner, born and raised in Oregon is a member of the Cherokee Nation, a Pushcart Prize nominee and a graduate of the Ooligan Press program. Ms. Tyner received her master’s degree in Writing from Portland State University, having completed the second year of the program, as an intern with the Fulbright Commission in London, England. An extensive traveler, she has lived in England, South Korea and Costa Rica and has had her poetry published around the world. She’s the founder of The Jessica Tyner Scholarship Fund, an annual gift for graduate students with a Native American connection who are pursuing an advanced degree in writing or a related field.




I was twelve before I realized my father wasn’t white,
until then I thought nothing
of his clay colored skin, eyes dripping
like honey or ropes of black licorice hair
snaking alive and furious down his back.
My breasts sprung early, hips splayed
wide as an overeager invitation
with bones pushing unforgiving
against my own skin, pale and quiet
as the illness. You took me to Radio Shack,
your syrupy southern drawl wrapping like a shy gift
around the simple words,
My wife put something on hold,
and the young clerk, not a decade older than me,
looked at both of us with blatant disgust,
loathing and a shot of envy
even I could sniff out, like a dog
or a wild thing.
Is this your wife? he asked, and my chest
was in a painful awakening of an instant
freakishly large, my hips
unable to slam shut, and you
too stunned to be ashamed or angered just whispered,
That’s my daughter before walking out, the snakes gone still,
but for the years I’m too sorry to take back,
the years until the cancer sucked you dry,
I felt it for both of us,
felt it in my thighs built like a horse
and my lips too ripe for a child,
in every year after labor heavy year
I refused to be seen with you, I’m so sorry
that I saw you gut punched and ugly as a man.


press for JESSICA TYNER 2014-2015

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Ph.D In Creative Writing - How Jessica Tyner Became a Writer

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Edition: 1st Edition - (Available Now)
Format: 6” x 9”
Pages: 174 pages
ISBN (Hardcover): 978-0-9906614-1-2
Pricing: $24.99



Edition: 1st Edition (Available Now)
Format: 6” x 9”
Pages: 174 pages
ISBN (Softcover): 978-0-9906614-7-4
Pricing: $19.99



Edition: 1st Edition (Available Now)
Format: Kindle/ePUB
Pages: 174 pages
Pricing: $9.99