Flying with Broken Feathers - FrontCover - Final.jpg

On Sunday September 21st, 2014 Naomi Johnson's book of poetry, FLYING WITH BROKEN FEATHERS, debuted in Melbourne, Australia.

FLYING WITH BROKEN FEATHERS is an anthology of original poems which forms a narrative of domestic violence, escape, healing and recovery. Weaving through this narrative are themes around nature and spirituality. Flying With Broken Feathers is reflective of the author’s journey through captivity and abuse, through despair and post-traumatic stress; that space before the reality of resurrection sets in, in which grief and anger are paramount. The reader is drawn through this darkness to the point of healing and rebirth.

The debut went exceptionally well, with several speakers, poetry readings from the book and book signings.

Naomi’s earliest memories are of books and words, and of playing at writing even before she knew how. A social worker, singer and writer, she lives in Newcastle, on the mid-east coast of Australia, and takes great delight in the beauty of the coastline and the natural world around her, much of which appears in her poetry and other writing.

Naomi is a survivor of domestic violence, and her creativity and love of music, as well as her strong spirituality, have helped her through the experience of escape and healing. Naomi sings in the choir of Christ Church Cathedral, and spends as much time as possible with books and her choir friends.