EVOLUTIONARY EROTICA (Coming December 2014)

"Evolutionary Erotica has very little to do with sex, and everything to do with Love and Oneness."
--Andrea Alberto Rivas

Andrea Rivas' latest contribution to Tayen Lane Publishing, Evolutionary Erotica and Other Love Poems, debuts this coming Fall 2014.

Evolutionary Erotica as described by Andrea "is an art form that titillates the perciever by stimulating a new "Evolutionary" sense organ. "My intention is to turn one on to empathy, compassion-within, right-action, and a desire for union-of the whole. I think that the next step in our evolution requires us to manifest a new sense organ--an organ that senses our "Oneness." This is what Evolutionary Erotica attempts to arouse within its readers. Evolutionary Erotica has very little to do with sex, and everything to do with love and oneness."

The Scent of Longing

It smells like you
Your scent hangs heavy in the air
Like my hair
As it spirals down my face like smoke,
after days of tending the fire.

Your wet, dampened-by-the-rain scent
Like the thread of your presence
Weaving a web of memories
-others remembered, others yet to be fulfilled -
around me.

It smells like rain
I caught a whiff of the mist rising to kiss the Sun.
Like a prayer it raised me up to the Heart of the Heavens and led me to the clouds that gather in your eyes.

Your aroma is that of the Earth.
It seeps through the soil of my fertile Heart-Mind and inspires the Truth.

I hear the Song now…
Each dew drop on a note in the Symphony of Life.

And so…I feel your roots within me now, Man-Tree.
The Breath of Life reminds me of your lessons and love.
How can I forget?

Andrea Alberto Rivas

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