How To Create A Sacred Space In Your Home

Make room for wonder, no matter what your beliefs are.

Carol Kuruvilla  Associate Religion Editor            03/04/2016 04:11 pm ET


Whether you’re religious, non-religious, or anything in between, a sacred space can help you pause, unplug, and reflect on the only work that really matters: loving the world, practicing gratitude, and being kind to yourself. 

Having a designated space in your home for prayer, meditation, or private reflection can be a constant reminder of how important it is to cultivate this sense of awe and wonder in your life. 

HuffPost Religion asked a few experts for tips on how to create a special area for meditation and spirituality in the tiniest of homes and on a tight budget. Even if you only get a few minutes to spend there in a day, we hope this helps guide you towards incorporating more mindfulness into your life.

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Fill your space with meaningful items.

The items you place in your space don’t have to be elaborate or expensive. Oprah Winfrey’s meditation space has just three candles and a few inspirational books. 

Jill Angelo, author of “Sacred Space: Turning Your Home Into a Sanctuary,” challenges her clients to use items that are already present in their houses before going out to buy anything more.

“We already have meaningful items present in our home,” Angelo told The Huffington Post in an email. “Go on a treasure hunt through drawers, closets –even boxes under the bed will contain special objects to be used.”

Use all of your senses — think of things that you’ll love to touch, hear, smell, taste. Arranging the items in a symmetrical way will ensure that the space is pleasing to the eye. 

If you’re using an altar or some kind of elevated space, you can drape it with colorful fabrics that change to reflect the season, or the liturgical calendar.  

Here are some other ideas for what to place in your space: a vision board,postcards, travel souvenirs, plants, devotional statues, divination tools, religious books, prayer beads, incense, bells and essential oils. You could also incorporate a journal into the space, or keep a running list of desires and blessings.

Have a special ceremony to inaugurate the space.

When you feel ready, you can take some time to set a positive intention for the space that you’ve marked out. Angelo suggests using a favorite meditation, mantra or prayer. You could also spend some time reflecting on the meaning of each of the sacred objects in your space.

“Invoke the sacred by lighting a candle with intention and reverence,” Angelo wrote. “Play favorite music or chants. Breathe deeply — releasing the stresses of the day and replenishing your spirit.”

In Native American spiritual traditions, a smudging ceremony is used to clear a space of lingering energy and dedicate it for a new purpose. During this ritual, people burn sage or another sacred plant, sometimes inside an abalone shell or a clay bowl. They then let the smoke from the plant waft over their bodies, before directing it throughout the room.

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—Marianne Williamson, New York Times bestselling author, Return to Love

"A wise and heartfelt invitation to creating a space that truly reflects your inner light. With great clarity, Angelo reminds us that there need be no distinction between our inner and outer environments.  We can create sacredness everywhere. I love this sweet book!"
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"Sacred space is where you discover all that is holy in you, around you, and above you. It's where you go to dwell with God."
—Caroline Myss, New York Times bestselling author, Anatomy of the Spirit and Sacred Contracts



Sacred Space offers a range of practical and spiritual tools to help you create your own personal sacred space—starting today. Let Angelo be your gentle guide as you discover the simple, easy-to-implement steps to transforming your home into a harmonious refuge. Create the sacred space that allows you to connect with the divine, the natural world, and most of all yourself—everyday. Sacred Space is a gift to the spirit for anyone seeking to free the creative within, find balance at home, and clear the physical and mental clutter of everyday life.


After two decades in business, Jill Angelo radically changed her life’s direction to pursue her inner calling. Sacred Space is the result of over a decade of travel and spiritual exploration with leading self-help and spiritual authors Caroline Myss, Marianne Williamson, Andrew Harvey, Mathew Fox, Mark Matousek, and Mona Lisa Schulz. Traveling the world to learn from the sacred traditions of many ancient cultures intuitively led Angelo to invest in one very sacred space above all else: her home.