Debuting July 1st, 2016

We at Tayen Lane Publishing are proud to present this multifaceted collection of short stories that includes emerging, established, and first-time authors, to esteemed readers everywhere (as every reader should, indeed, be esteemed!).

In this collection you will experience, first hand, how the ‘word travels’ of these authors have beautifully informed their writing and their stories. Its seventeen stories take you from a grunge bar in the ‘90s, to a land of magical trees, to the middle of the night ocean. And you will find that the protagonists are many—spanning a Bulgarian orchard worker, to a jaded-yet-still-earnest skateboarder, to an octogenarian about to get conned.

After you’ve read this anthology, your passport will be stamped with the postmodern, flash, humor, historical fiction, formal invention, blog-speak, and the magical. The common thread for these varied stories: they are all stories that are a pleasure to read. Enjoy your travels, as this collection of short stories represents the best of today’s fiction from experienced ‘word travelers!’

Kermit E. Heartsong

The Authors

Maxim Loskutoff "Over the Mountain"

Chris Campanioni "To Love and Die in LA"

Zdravka Evtimova "Pay Me"

Helen Rusinstein "Hoo-oo"

Lara Palmquist "Orientation"

Karen Marron "A Retrospective"

Carin Clevidence "The Reader"

Kelly Cherry - 3 Shorts - "Thomas Leigh, Defining the Indefinable, Termination Equations"

G. K. Wuori "Friendly Man Collecting Money"

Harmony Neal - 3 Shorts - "The Triplets, The Internet Makes You Stupid, The Urban Druid Lives His Life in What He Believes..."

Mitchell Grabois - 3 Shorts - "Troublesome Autobiography, Sympathy, Icelandic"

Chris Miller "Swim"

Kendall Klym "The Dance Quiz"

Lucille Lang Day "Woman in a Leopard Dress"

Laura Horley "No Good Deed"

Lynn C. Miller "How Did You Know it Was Time to Go?"

Elizabeth Geohegan "Dog Boy"